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"Each one, reach one. Reach one, teach one.."

"My duty as a barber in the community is to educate and support.."



"Stay fresh my friends.."


Measure Austin is a partnership between community activists, concerned citizens, police officers, developer, data geeks and the rest of the City of Austin that seek to strengthen confidence in Austin’s institutions through reliable measurement and recommendations.

It's all about giving back to YOUR kommunity. Inside the word itself is UNITY! What are you doing to unite where you live?
#localbarber #supportwhereyoulive #king

Black Pflugerville is a group who is devoting energy to passionately advocating for the inclusion and civic engagement, for the Black and typically under-represented members of the Pflugerville community. Get involved by becoming an ACTIVE member of the Black Pflugerville Pfamily today!

"ABC Channel 13 news and The Houston Chronicle.. Houston did what i needed it to do, and that's put us on the map.. We do this" 


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